Today I am in South Carolina with my kids, their mom, and her husband. It has been a good day. The kids got lots of gifts. The parents got lots of gifts and everyone is having a good time. Shelly (the kid’s mom) got a new digital camera and, between her camera and mine, we have taken about 469 pictures.

The kids called the grandmas, aunts, and uncles, and, for most of the rest of the day they have been playing their new Wii games. I didn’t even know what a Wii was. I am not much of a video game person. However, the kids are and have been occupied most of the day.

This is definitely better than last Christmas. I had to work and didn’t get to see the kids at all. I did get to see a few of my friends though.

Tomorrow I will drive back home because I have to go to work. I am glad I came. I had planned to stay home alone because I really didn’t have the money to do anything. But I am blessed and the Lord made a way.

Merry Christmas

Tony Tate