Love And An End to Loneliness

I have not written here in a while. In fact, I have not written on any of my blogs for a while. I just haven't had anything to say about faith, diet, or music. I am not even sure I have anything to say right now, but, here I am. This post may sound more... Continue Reading →


Grace For Change

  This past weekend we moved my youngest to her college dorm. I can't believe how fast this has happened. My son (my oldest) will be a senior in college this year. It seems like just a couple of years ago they were my little kids arguing about which Veggie Tales video to watch. I... Continue Reading →

Discovery, Relationship & Trust

I woke up this morning feeling sad. I guess there are lots of things that contribute to that. My mom passed away in 2013. I have experienced what seems to be failures upon failures. And my deepest and most haunting of failures are relationships that are most important to me. Those relationships are not gone.... Continue Reading →

Family ReUnion

No More Independence I had a thought. Before we came here, we all lived together as a single body. We knew everything about one another. We knew each other's emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Then at some point, we decided that we wanted to be independent. Maybe we started to get on one another's nerve and... Continue Reading →

Family Crap

I  find myself not knowing what to do. What do I do about family members that are in contention with one another? If I were to judge flippantly I would say my family is freaking crazy. How is it that after spending so much time together we all can’t get along with one another? I... Continue Reading →

Worlds I’ve Traveled To

I have traversed many worlds. Here is what I mean. At this point in my life, I don't know what is real and true and what is not, except for a couple of things. I exist here in this place and time, this current world. I got married at some point and had children. That... Continue Reading →

Christmas 2011

BAYTOWN, TEX - I am home in Texas visiting family and friends. We (me and the kids) also stopped in Louisiana to see their grandmother. While there I got a chance to visit with my friend Jerome. I caught Jerome in Metairie, La. getting a blood transfusion. He has been battling cancer in 2011. He... Continue Reading →

Fathers And Their Influence

BAYTOWN, TX - Yesterday was father's day. I am in Baytown, Tx. to see my dad this year. Our family cooked up some barbecue and got together to celebrate. I think my dad had a good time. He was ready to go about an hour after dinner though. Sometimes I think we forget that he... Continue Reading →

Christmas 2008

Today I am in South Carolina with my kids, their mom, and her husband. It has been a good day. The kids got lots of gifts. The parents got lots of gifts and everyone is having a good time. Shelly (the kid's mom) got a new digital camera and, between her camera and mine, we... Continue Reading →

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