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Ministries and Sites I Like

Here I have listed links to some of my favorite ministries. These ministries are the types that could turn the world on its head. The love of God and His grace (Jesus) are the most powerful things in our universe, and until you let go of religion and tradition you may be being stifled in your growth in the Lord. Trust the Spirit of God to lead and keep you. Do some exploring of your freedom in Christ. I recommend all of these sites and ministers. Recommendations are not something I take lightly, and I don’t give them to just anyone. So when I say I recommend these links, you should check them out.

The Father’s House – Simply put, our vision is to reveal Jesus – in you, to you, and with you. There is nothing more powerful than the Father’s Risen, Eternal Son. The revelation of Jesus Christ is a revelation of peace from above & of eternal love; a love that is given without condition, apology, or retraction. His ministry is a ministry of no fear & from His birth to the Resurrected Eternal Christ, that remains His message to His body today – Fear Not.

Into The Wild Podcast – Finally a show that isn’t censored by religiosity and cold traditionalism! The “Into the Wild” show is an unrestrained, cutting edge, over the top look at the Christian life, lived outside of the cage. If you are looking for something REAL and relevant; you’ve found it. Become a part of the revolution and be released into the wild. – Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, theologian, writer and fishing lure designer is the Director of Perichoresis Ministries. Baxter is a native of Prentiss, Mississippi. He and his wife Beth have been married for 29 years and have 4 children. Baxter has degrees in political science, psychology and earned his Doctor of Philosophy from Kings College, Aberdeen University in Aberdeen, Scotland under Professor James B. Torrance.

Joshua Tongol – Joshua Tongol is a young man with an interesting story. He was born with only one hand that he wrestled with for most of his life. For years he went from one healing crusade to another to receive healing but to no avail. He became utterly disappointed and confused concerning God’s power.

Life Course Ministries – We believe that through the new birth in Christ, you have become a genuine Son or Daughter of God, an incredible new creation, holy and without fault, blameless and perfect. You’re stunning  – that’s what God thinks and we agree with Him. –Ralph Harris

Grace Walk Ministries – Our ministry is a teaching and training ministry which exists for the purpose of sharing the life of Jesus Christ with others and to help Christians discover the freedom of their new life in Christ. –Steve McVey

Grace Roots – If you’re tired of striving and struggling to make your life worth something to God, then my hope is that you’ll find some rest and peace here. I believe that what God wants from you more than anything else is… you! –Joel Brueseke

Ralph Harris – My desire is to grapple together here over how well off we are with God through Christ, and to live from His opinion of us.

Joel Bruseseke – Established in grace ~ Living in Grace ~ Growing in Grace