IMG_0451You remember my cat, Ricki Kitty? Yes, the one who decided to live outside? The one for whom I bought a shelter for the winter? Well, about a month ago, right after I introduced her to her new house, she decided that she was moving back into the big house with me.

I came home one day, and as I went to the door and put the key in the lock, I looked down and there she was, waiting for the door to open. She came in, but, only for a moment. And then she wanted back outside. This happens about 3 times before she decides to stay in for a while.

She still likes to go outside daily, but, she is definitely back in the house. So now I have a small animal habitat not being used. I will have to remove it though before some other animal decides to use it.

Our Relationship

I know people think of their pets as part of the family. They love them. I didn’t grow up like that. I loved my pets, but, I grew up thinking of pets as something owned. Of course, by law, I am responsible for my pet, but in the last several years I have been learning the importance of love and relationships. You can’t have a good relationship without love. And believe it or not, after I threw Ricki Kitty out I was convicted by the Holy Spirit about my action.

litterbox_minefieldSo, Ricki is still very cautious in the house, no doubt remembering our past disagreements. I also am being as accommodating as possible. I do love my cat. I don’t want her to feel like she’s walking around in a litterbox minefield.

I know some people would think it’s crazy to be worried about a relationship with a cat. However, I think all people should be worried about all relationships with people, animals, the earth, as well as, and, foremost with God. Relationships are the building blocks of society and the world and the cosmos. Add love to that and it can only be better.

Why do you think that the Lord thought it important enough to incarnate here on earth? It is His love and relationship with us and the rest of creation. So relationships are important to the Lord. If he thinks that relationships are that important then they should be that important to us, if we truly have the love of God in our hearts.

PrintWhether you believe in the creation story and the story of the fall of man or not, there is no denying that something happened that caused mankind to become self-centered, thinking only of ourselves. Before that happened we might have been a united people, albeit a misguided people. The book of Genisis tells us that the people’s languages were divided to keep them from building a tower that would reach the heavens. Apparently, God thought it was important to stop this from happening at that time.

CreationByMichelangeloSince the resurrection though I believe the Holy Spirit has been working to restore us to a united people in Christ. That requires love and relationships to be restored among us; our relationship with God, the creation, and yes, even our pets. The Lord, the Prince of Peace, is working tirelessly to bring peace to the earth. That takes time because man has to be a participant in that process, of our own free will.

So, love and relationships are important to me, even the relationship with my cat. I hope to improve her trust in me. And of course, I will always be trying to improve the love and relationships with the people in my life as well.