The Dream – July 6, 2013. Last night I had a dream of a place that I have dreamt about before. I don’t know how many times, I just know that I’d dreamed of this place before.

I was in a place that seemed to be another country, or maybe another reality. We (there were others) were at some sort of outdoor theater, on the side of a mountain or something. I don’t remember any light, but everything was visible. It’s not a typical theater, but, a place where people meet. There was no electronics or sound equipment. There was a young guy singing. He looked Hispanic.

I remember feeling sad. I got up and went into what seemed like a backstage area, where equipment might be stored, but there was none.

In my present life I used to be a professional musician, but, in the dream, I was not. And I felt as though I used to be but that I was now way past my days of playing music.

I left the backstage area where I was and was walking down some stairs that lead down to where most of the audience was. I sat down beside a girl who I seemed to know, but I couldn’t see her face, or recognize anything physically about her. I just knew that I knew her, and she knew me.

Another girl stood directly in front of where I was sitting. I think she was leaving the event. She leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged me. I was instantly immersed in her love for me. As with the other girl, I could not see her face or recognize any features. As I think back both the women’s faces seemed like pure light. Not everyone in the dream was like this though. Like the guy singing. He was Hispanic, in his twenties.

As the girl leaned down to kiss me, as I said, I was immersed in love from this person. However, my physical response while I slept was arousal, though there was nothing sexual about what was happening.

I woke up. My first thought was, “I have to go to another reality to experience feelings of love?” I laid there for a while wondering if the place where I had just been was a reality someplace else. Who are the two women in the dream that made me feel so good? Maybe I’ll dream again.


4 Years later, This is what I think
This dream happened about two months before my Mom passed away. The place where I found myself was right here in this world (no light but everything visible).

The two girls were people that I knew but they were not in the forms I knew when they were on earth, or apart if this world.

I believe the dream was a foretelling of the death of my mom. I believe she was the girl who kissed me on the cheek and hugged me before she was to leave. That is why I felt the overwhelming love when it happened. The girl I sat beside whom I seemed to know was probably someone else who knew me and was sent as an escort for my mom. My guess would be her sister, Vaneva, who passed away 5 years earlier.