Bet You Didn’t Know I Am a Cat Person

Ricki Kitty

In June of 2014, I found a very small kitten in the parking lot of a Hardee’s. She is all black except for one small patch of white on her breast. I brought her home. I didn’t see her mother anywhere. If I’d left her she might have gotten run over by a car. The only reason I found her in some hedges against the building is that she was crying out. She looked really scared when I found her. When I got her home she was quite hungry. She would eat until her little belly could hold anymore. So I learned to give her just enough to satisfy her hunger.

The next week I took her to the vet and got the necessary shots and test. A few months later she got her first Rabies shot. I named her Ricki Kitty. Before a year was up, Ricki Kitty and I were not getting along that well. She was determined to have access to the kitchen table and countertops. We had several scuffs. And when I say she was determined I mean she was willing to fight about it. She cut me up with her claws multiple times. I probably should have figured out another way to deal with her.

At some point, she did comply. Then we’d have a difference of opinion about something else. One of those times she chose to poop in the bathtub instead of her litter box. She didn’t like the smell of a deodorized litter I’d bought. Understandable, but, I didn’t understand. I threw her outside. She was scared at first but then she got used to it. Then she wanted to go out every day. That was fine by me. The less she was inside the less trouble there was between us. Then one day in 2016 she decided she would remain outside. She only comes to the house when it’s time to eat.

I Bought Her A House

IMG_2797I didn’t think she had a place to go when it rains so I bought a small rabbit habitat. At least her food won’t get wet if it rains. She is a little hesitant to go in to eat. When she gets hungry enough she will. It also has room for her to hide out during the rain. I think she will eventually think of it as hers.

Why buy the habitat? I brought her here. Apparently, though, I am not a good roommate. She’d rather be outside. I still feel responsible for her. So as much as I can, I try to take care of her.