My Life vs. TV Fantasy

TV shows have been my escape from reality for as long as I can remember. But the TV shows I watch are total fantasy. Nothing about them is realistic, and that's the way I like it. Shows like the Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, and now Black-ish have been some of my favorites because they... Continue Reading →


Cats And Relationships

You remember my cat, Ricki Kitty? Yes, the one who decided to live outside? The one for whom I bought a shelter for the winter? Well, about a month ago, right after I introduced her to her new house, she decided that she was moving back into the big house with me. I came home... Continue Reading →

Grace For Change

  This past weekend we moved my youngest to her college dorm. I can't believe how fast this has happened. My son (my oldest) will be a senior in college this year. It seems like just a couple of years ago they were my little kids arguing about which Veggie Tales video to watch. I... Continue Reading →

Discovery, Relationship & Trust

I woke up this morning feeling sad. I guess there are lots of things that contribute to that. My mom passed away in 2013. I have experienced what seems to be failures upon failures. And my deepest and most haunting of failures are relationships that are most important to me. Those relationships are not gone.... Continue Reading →


Today was Easter, or Resurrection day as some call it. I didn't even know it was Easter until a couple of days ago. I don't really keep up with holidays, not even religious holidays. I got up and went to church, but I left early because of back pain. It was a typical Easter sermon,... Continue Reading →

My Exclusive Club

I have not been posting very often here. It is not because I have nothing to say. I guess I don't really feel like trying to convince anyone to think the way I do. I'm passionate about what I believe, but you don't have to be. And if you want to get an idea about... Continue Reading →

Deeper Love

As I was going through one of the toughest times of my life I learned a great deal about the Lord, myself, and how to survive. My marriage began to fall apart. It seemed really sudden. We always had disagreements and arguments but they always seemed to get worked out. Then I had to travel... Continue Reading →

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