This past weekend I found myself in the ER with back pain. It was different than my usual back pain. This was a sharp pain under my ribs on the left side. At the ER they thought I might be passing a kidney stone, so they did a CT scan. They didn’t find any stones, but they did find a cyst on the left kidney. There was also a spot on my left lung. You may have already seen this information if you saw my post on

So I followed up with my primary doctor and she scheduled another CT scan with contrasting dye. That was done this morning. In fact, I just got home. As soon as my doctor gets the results I will be back in her office going over the results. Personally, I don’t think there is anything serious happening. If there is then we’ll deal with it.

I have had several friends younger than I pass away. Two friends from high school passed in the last 6 years. And one of my very good friends who was in the Navy with me passed away in 2014. Their illnesses were surprising to me. They certainly weren’t old enough for their lives to be ending, and for the most part, they took care of themselves.

I am not worried that I’m going to lose my life. I don’t expect to hear bad news when I see the doctor. Even if I do I expect there to be a solution. I will not be giving up my life anytime soon.