No More Independence

I had a thought. Before we came here, we all lived together as a single body. We knew everything about one another. We knew each other’s emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Then at some point, we decided that we wanted to be independent. Maybe we started to get on one another’s nerve and we asked the Lord to separate us. What a sad day in the heavens. And there have been millions of sad days ever since.

Perhaps the Lord granted our wish so we could know what living apart felt like. If you think about it, here in the earth we are pretty much alone. We are born alone and we die alone. We marry and make families. Now in this country alone, more than half of those marriages and families break up and we’re alone again.

We spend our lives trying to find the love we once had when we were all together as one, or we increase our loneliness because we are afraid of being hurt. When relationships break it is a very painful thing. Then we have even more trouble loving one another. Forgiveness is required, and it is so hard.

Apart we no longer know how to love one another unconditionally. We no longer accept others as they are and for who they are. And even if we are in a “good family” I suspect that deep down we all feel alone and isolated.

I have heard many who have had near-death experiences say that they became as one with the people and spirits they encountered on the other side. Most importantly, they all were enraptured in love and a closeness they have never experienced before on earth.

Perhaps when we die and leave this place we are regathered into the family we once knew before the earth. If it is like that I suspect none of us will ever want to be apart again. To be apart, separated from the others is a definition of sin, to be apart or without.

Being apart causes desperation in us. So much so that we mistreat one another, all in an effort to get back what we have lost.

These are just thoughts. I’m just trying to understand this life. What is our purpose for being here? The great hope, at least my great hope, is that Jesus has already affected our great return. He has already gathered us in himself and ascended with us to our Father. When everything is done we will be home, together, as one forever. I for one don’t ever want to be apart again. We were made for one another.