Well, today a new year, and soon we will be under a new presidency. I don’t have a clue how that’s going to go, but it will be interesting.

I have never been nervous about any president taking office. I’m not nervous about Trump taking office either. Maybe I should be, but I don’t know the future. Nor am I great at predicting probabilities, like the many so-called prophets and prophecy experts and prophecy teachers.

There were those predicting the end of the U.S. had Hilary Clinton won. There are also those who say that Trump will destroy the U.S. I don’t know what we face with Donald Trump at the helm. I just know it won’t be boring.

We’re off to a great start already with the supposed deteriorating relations between the U.S. and Israel. We have been allies from their beginning. I do think Trump is pro-Israel, but the relationship between our two countries has been strained while President Obama and Prime minister Netanyahu have been in leadership. Maybe Trump will seek to make things better.

I have heard the many interpretations of scripture over the years concerning Israel and end time prophecy. It used to be my favorite subject. Not so much anymore. I think it is because so many have predicted things that were simply false. I think we waste a lot of time trying to predict the future.

I don’t understand prophecy and I don’t think I ever will. Maybe we’re not supposed to. Not saying I’m not interested anymore, but I am tired of it. I’m tired of a lot of things. At nearly 54 years old (Mar 1) I guess I have become somewhat disappointed with how difficult life can be. If I didn’t have faith in the fact that the Lord does have a plan in motion (though I don’t fully understand), I think I would despair.

With all that said, my faith?… I love my children. I love my family back home in Texas. I love the few friends I have. I guess I’m not sure about faith right now. However, people are the most important part of this world. In all the years we have been on this planet I am amazed that we have not come together as one people. Especially since the resurrection of Christ.

We still seem to mostly hate one another. The world is as divided as ever. I wish we could put our differences aside and love one another. What a different world this would be.

Happy New Year everyone!