A Sunday Nap

I took a nap this afternoon and had a sad dream. I was on what appeared to be a houseboat with my brother. In the dream, I was also taking a nap and dreaming. I don’t really remember what was happening in the dream within the dream but, I do remember that in that dream my mom “went to be with her people” (died). When I woke up from the inner dream my brother informed me that my mother had indeed died. I don’t know if someone had called to tell him or what. I recall that what he told me about her death was the same as what I had dreamed in the inner dream. I grieved. I cried for the longest time. I wanted to get off of the boat. And when it finally was docked I began to look for a way off because I wanted to get home to my mom. Somehow my brother did get off the boat, but I still had not managed to do so. My brother was also in the Navy. He is already out.
When I awoke from my actual nap I was very relieved and yet extremely upset. I called to talk to my mom as soon as I woke up. What did it mean?
One thought came to mind. The boat represents my affiliation with the Navy. I am coming close to the time of my departure from the Navy. I couldn’t get off the boat until it docked. My mom died while I was on that boat. If the dream was a message from the Lord perhaps it means that she really will depart before I get out of the Navy.
When Joseph interpreted Pharaoh’s dream he said the matter was urgent because Pharaoh had two dreams. I had a dream within a dream. I wonder if that means some sort of urgency. I think I’ll make an effort to visit this summer.