momWhile we are here on the earth one of the most important things God has given us is the privilege of prayer. A year and a half ago  I was sitting with my mom in Texas. She had recently had stints put in to repair some blocked arteries. It was a year before that I began to pray for her health as a result of a dream I’d had.

I don’t know that much about dream interpretation but what I dreamed made me believe that it was imperative to begin praying immediately, which I did. My prayers were answered. My mom’s previous doctor had run a test when she complained of shortness of breath. He did a stress test on her heart and didn’t find anything. Are you kidding me?!! He was done with the matter. After I began praying her care provider changed.

Her new doctor quickly scheduled more test and found the problem. She is now recovering at home and feeling 100% better. It is truly a privilege to be able to pray for those we love and know that God will respond. Even when we don’t know we should be praying, the Lord will find a way to prompt us and move us to prayer. I praise God for His faithfulness and what He has done.