Farewell Jerome

I went to Jerome’s farewell today. He passed away on the 18th of this month. It was one of the best send-offs I’d ever attended. There must have been two hundred people there. I never heard so many people talk about one man so fondly all my life. I always knew he was a good [...]

The Troubling Tradition about Hell

About The Author: Steve McVey In order of importance, I'm a Christian, a husband, Dad, and Granddaddy, a Bible teacher and author. Check out my ministry web site @ gracewalk.org and my personal blog at stevemcvey.com I had never questioned the teaching of Hell throughout my years of Christianity. However, I have been studying a lot [...]

Living In The Love Of God

Why don't all "Christians" seem to walk in the love of God? I am sitting at McDonald's right now enjoying a cup of coffee. It is nice and quiet, and peaceful. I am sitting here pondering life, and people, and why life cannot be peaceful. I think it is because of people. Yes, I love [...]