Shattered Dreams and Love

If you have been keeping up with me here on Faith, you know that I quit my school bus driver job a few weeks ago. And I can tell you, even though I'm gonna be short of money a little while, I am already feeling better. Whether that (my feelings) is temporary or not, I... Continue Reading →


The Transformers

When I first became a Christian life was all about behavior modification. But it didn't really start out that way. Initially, I was drawn to Jesus himself. As you could imagine, it was not laws, rules, or regulations that drew me in. It was the Lord's love and forgiveness and mercy and grace that is... Continue Reading →

The Love God

The Love God I call him the Love God because Love seems to be His greatest power. And for us humans love can be quite a challenge. My first real challenge with love came 17 years ago when I was faced with the possibility that my marriage might end. Five years later it did end. But... Continue Reading →

Farewell Jerome

I went to Jerome’s farewell today. He passed away on the 18th of this month. It was one of the best send-offs I’d ever attended. There must have been two hundred people there. I never heard so many people talk about one man so fondly all my life. I always knew he was a good... Continue Reading →

The Troubling Tradition about Hell

About The Author: Steve McVey In order of importance, I'm a Christian, a husband, Dad, and Granddaddy, a Bible teacher and author. Check out my ministry web site @ and my personal blog at I had never questioned the teaching of Hell throughout my years of Christianity. However, I have been studying a lot... Continue Reading →

Living In The Love Of God

Why don't all "Christians" seem to walk in the love of God? I am sitting at McDonald's right now enjoying a cup of coffee. It is nice and quiet, and peaceful. I am sitting here pondering life, and people, and why life cannot be peaceful. I think it is because of people. Yes, I love... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Cruel

A man who is kind benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts himself. Prov 11:17 (English Standard version) Today as I read this verse it speaks to me in terms of relationships, marital relationships in particular. I know lots of people who are married. Some of them do it very well. And some of them,... Continue Reading →

Is Your God A God Of Mercy?

Is God more merciful than we think? That's a good question. When I "got saved" back in 1986 it was as a result of me eavesdropping on someone else's conversation. I don't remember what was being said. I just know that a lady I worked with, Shirley, was always talking about Jesus. The more I heard... Continue Reading →

Does God Get What God Wants?

I read Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins, a few months ago. Then I read it again about a month later. And now I’m reading parts of it again. I think the main question Rob raises in this book for me is, “Will all people be saved, or will God not get what God wants?” Paul... Continue Reading →

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