So, finally, we are at the end of this messed up year! If 2021 is worse than 2020, I don’t know if I will be able to stand it. I can’t take any more politics, any more COVID, and OH MY GOD, no more hatred! This world would be a great place if there were no people here!

That is the way 2020 has made me feel, people. Right now, I’m tired of people, and I’m not sure what to do about it. 2020 has brought new physical pain to my body. I have so much pain I fear waking up one day without the ability to walk. Yes. It is as scary as I’m trying to make it sound.

So, I’m stressed. A lot! There is some other shit bothering me. However, I won’t go into it here. 2021 needs to be a fresh freaking start. Not just for me, but the world.

So, I will work to do my part and be better. I am guilty of some hatred. In 2020, I let Social media, news media, and every other type of media bring me down. It influenced my thoughts. That pisses me off. Not in 2021!

I have already stopped watching the news. I will use Facebook to communicate with family and friends. If I don’t know you already, and you send me a friend request, there is a good chance I will say no. In 2020 I deleted my Facebook account and started over. There were over 700 people posting things that quite frankly pissed me off. So if we are friends in the real world and I see something come across the feed that I think is “OFF,” I will probably set you straight. And if that doesn’t do it for me, I will end your existence in Facebook land. NOT IN REAL LIFE! I love my friends so, don’t worry, we’ll still be friends.

This disease had stressed me out so much! Every cough or sniffle makes me a little nervous! If I hear other people cough or sneeze, I find myself holding my breath a little. Some say scientists manufactured the disease. So, I dislike humans right now! Why the hell are we adding new diseases to an already disease-infested planet? Humans are stupid!

I don’t even want to mention police, criminals, and racism. We have at least 6,000 years of recorded history on this planet. Who knows how long we’ve been here, and we still can’t get past one another’s differences. REALLY? Sometimes I look forward to my departure from this place (my death).

We HAVE to do better. This year, I will not let the media form my opinions or shape my thoughts. I will not watch. I will not listen. I don’t want to hear or see any of it. It is making us all stupid. I will not hate in 2021! No one will coerce me into thinking a certain way about a group of people. That’s the dream.

I like people most of the time. Hatred makes me feel drained and sick, and exhausted. No more. I will do my best to love everyone I know and meet. And for those of us who claim we follow JESUS, if we’re not LOVING people, WE ARE NOT FOLLOWING JESUS!
Have Happy New, Y’all!