I have not written here in a while. In fact, I have not written on any of my blogs for a while. I just haven’t had anything to say about faith, diet, or music. I am not even sure I have anything to say right now, but, here I am.

This post may sound more like a journal entry, which also I have not done in a while. School has started since I last wrote. It’s been about 15 weeks. As a school bus driver, the kids get on my nerves sometimes. I have been stressed, angered, and put to the test by the kids and the people who work above me.

Sometimes I get rediculous instruction or guidance from my supervisor. It seems he/she doesn’t mind putting mine and other driver’s licenses on the line if it makes them look good.

Anyway, enough of that. In my personal journal are multiple entries about loneliness and feeling unloved sometimes. There have been times I have felt utterly alone, invisible, and forgotten about.

Things seem to be changing though and surprisingly a little scary for me. A reconnection with an old friend, whom I’ve known for nearly 30 years has made things better for me.

My friend’s name is.. well let’s call her, Bridget. I met her years ago at one of my many duty stations while in the Navy. Her demeanor and personality and love for the Lord and her family had left a great impression on me. She was a wife, a mother, and a good friend to those who were lucky enough to be in her circle.

Unfortunately, like many of us, the marriage she was in did not last. And for many of my friends and family members marriages have failed all over.

I never figured I’d ever be in love again after my marriage ended. I have pretty much stayed away from women believing them all crazy. Sorry. I guess men are too. But the love of a woman has made its way back to me. My friend, Bridget, searched me out and we have been texting and talking on the phone a lot. I was immediately attracted to her. Not on a physical level (though she is very attractive), but, on a much deeper level.

We’ve been getting reacquainted. We have a ton of things in common. Our spiritual beliefs about God and what He is like are the same. She gets me and I get her. It’s like we were made for each other.

I’m a different person than I was 20 years ago. So is she. We have been through many of the same things. We have suffered many of the same heartbreaks and pains.

Right now, I don’t have anymore to say about it. Just taking it day by day. But I do feel like the Lord seems to be answering my many prayers about being alone. I’ve been alone for a very long time, 18 years. Of course, I had my kids, but, then they grew into teenagers. You know how that goes. I was kind of alone again.

Well, that’s about it for now.