I am at a crisis point at work. I don’t believe I can take the stress of driving a school bus much longer. Having the safety of other people’s children in my hands is really stressing me out. And also, the behavior of said children is the worst.

They are loud and won’t stay in their seats. They are horse playing. They are banging on the windows. They don’t listen.  They are disrespectful to grownups. This makes it hard to concentrate, and harder to keep them safe during the route.

I feel I should quit. I don’t think I’m a good fit for this job. I no longer want the responsibility for their safety. I don’t know how airline pilots do it. I could see being a pilot transporting cargo or something with a small crew, but, to have 20 to more than 100 lives in my hands would be out of the question.

Having the responsibility of these children’s safety is very stressful. Sometimes the thought of going to work makes me physically ill. I am not really ready to be without the job, but, I could manage it. It would be really difficult until I paid off a few debts, but, at this point, I am very, very stressed out.

I don’t think I’m good at this.