Today Donald Trump will be taking the oath of the presidency. It should be an exciting time for our country. However, there is still lots of hard feelings, tensions, resistance, and even protest. I will be 54 this year. I have never seen such strong reactions to the winner of an American Presidential election.

My personal feelings? The election is over. WE have a new president and we should begin to try to come together as a people and a nation. I don’t think today is a day for a protest. Today is a day to celebrate. The reason that we ought to be celebrating is that we still have a country that can still have elections (whether you think they are fair or not). We have a system in place that, for the most part, works. We are not under a dictator. We still have many of our freedoms intact. We are still a great country.

Some would argue that we are losing those freedoms. I would agree to a certain degree. But we aren’t going to fix anything by protesting on inauguration day.  After the inauguration is when we should address these issues, and if need be, protest. But Donald Trump is not the cause of all ills of the United States.  I don’t think you can place the blame on any single person, or any single group of people. I believe we all have had a hand in our country becoming what it is today.

We have a new leader at the helm. I think, like any other person who has served as president, we owe President Trump our respect, and a chance to lead us to where we want to be as a country. Our country’s system is still in place. We have our representatives in place; all of whom were elected by the people.  We need to (to a certain extent) trust those we have chosen to represent us. If they don’t deliver then we must make a different choice in the next election. And whether we all like it or not, Donald Trump was chosen to lead. Give the man a chance.