For the last several decades Israel has had to deal with attacks, whether it be snipers or rockets, from the Palestinians, Hamas, and others. And the moment they decide to defend themselves the whole world goes ballistic, screaming about unfairness.

I seriously doubt that there is a person out there who wouldn’t at least try to defend themselves if repeatedly attacked by someone. I know I would defend my house and my children if someone was attacking them. So why doesn’t Israel have that right?

I say if you don’t want your butt whipped don’t antagonize and enemy you can’t beat. I understand there are injustices, but, there are injustices all over the world. Sometimes there is a need for force. But why not try to deal with those injustices in a civilized manner? Don’t start something you can’t possibly win and then cry foul.

That’s just my opinion. My suggestion to all of us watching these situations all around the world is to pray. In a world that claims to be as enlightened as we claim to be, why can’t we live in peace with one another? Pray for the peace of Israel, Russia, the Ukraine, Nigeria, Sudan and everywhere there is conflict. We seem to be on the verge of WW3. I promise you no one wants to see that happen.