Farewell Jerome

I went to Jerome’s farewell today. He passed away on the 18th of this month. It was one of the best send-offs I’d ever attended. There must have been two hundred people there. I never heard so many people talk about one man so fondly all my life. I always knew he was a good guy, but I had no idea how far and wide his influence was. He positively touched a tremendous amount of people.

I don’t remember what I said about him when I was asked to speak. I know what I wanted to say, and that was when the time came, he was ready, and that he didn’t lose a battle to cancer, but he utterly destroyed it. Everything the disease threw at him he endured, and then some. And when it was all over there was no fear, no regret, and a heart full of love. He left this earth victoriously.

Jerome, you will be tremendously missed on this earth. I, for one, can’t wait until we meet again in the life after.

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