The Transformers

When I first became a Christian life was all about behavior modification. But it didn't really start out that way. Initially, I was drawn to Jesus himself. As you could imagine, it was not laws, rules, or regulations that drew me in. It was the Lord's love and forgiveness and mercy and grace that is … Continue reading The Transformers


The End of the World!

I hate it when the Christian world gets all up in a tizzy about world events and things they think are about to happen. The latest is that an asteroid is going hit the earth around September 23rd. Oh yeah, another one that keeps coming around is that the economy will crash, which will lead … Continue reading The End of the World!

Worlds I’ve Traveled To

I have traversed many worlds. Here is what I mean. At this point in my life, I don't know what is real and true and what is not, except for a couple of things. I exist here in this place and time, this current world. I got married at some point and had children. That … Continue reading Worlds I’ve Traveled To

Pray For Peace

For the last several decades Israel has had to deal with attacks, whether it be snipers or rockets, from the Palestinians, Hamas, and others. And the moment they decide to defend themselves the whole world goes ballistic, screaming about unfairness. I seriously doubt that there is a person out there who wouldn't at least try … Continue reading Pray For Peace

The Offense of the Cross

Let me offend you! This is a great video by Steve McVey. Many of the teachings of today's church are exactly backward from what is actually written in scripture. As I have been discovering for the last few years, the gospel of grace is easier than the message we have been presenting to the world. … Continue reading The Offense of the Cross