Discovery, Relationship & Trust

I woke up this morning feeling sad. I guess there are lots of things that contribute to that. My mom passed away in 2013. I have experienced what seems to be failures upon failures. And my deepest and most haunting of failures are relationships that are most important to me. Those relationships are not gone. … Continue reading Discovery, Relationship & Trust


We Are One w/God in Christ

In Christ, we are one with God. Everything and everyone, are in Christ. He is the new creation. In him we have life and everything is sustained by Him. Subscribe to Podcast myYouTube Channel

2009 – A New Year – New Challenges – Needing God

It's 2009 It is January 1, 2009. A new year is upon us and there are many things going on in the world.There are wars in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas. The United States is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting "terrorism." There are wars in Africa. Economies around the world are … Continue reading 2009 – A New Year – New Challenges – Needing God