Why Trump May be God’s Choice

Since President Trump took office there has been lots of talk and speculation about his role in end-time prophecy. There is always a lot of speculation about the end-times after a presidential election. I can't tell you how many people seemed to believe that President Obama was the anti-Christ himself. During the election in 2016, … Continue reading Why Trump May be God’s Choice


The End of the World!

I hate it when the Christian world gets all up in a tizzy about world events and things they think are about to happen. The latest is that an asteroid is going hit the earth around September 23rd. Oh yeah, another one that keeps coming around is that the economy will crash, which will lead … Continue reading The End of the World!

Wondering About What Really Happens at the End

A little while ago I was thinking about reincarnation. I was thinking what a terrible thing to be true. What if I’ve been here before, and was sent back because I didn’t learn whatever I was supposed to learn? What if I don’t learn it again this time? How many times have I fricking been … Continue reading Wondering About What Really Happens at the End

The Feast of Trumpets & The Rapture

How does the  Feast of Trumpets aka Rosh Hashanah correlate to the rapture of the church and future prophetic events? The answer is here, my friends. Scottie takes you on a journey through the many names of this important Jewish & Christian celebration shows you how it may be very significant in your own life … Continue reading The Feast of Trumpets & The Rapture

It’s Still Grace!

I have been looking at and posting a lot of videos, and sometimes I get caught up in the performance mentality that many of the video makers seem to have. I have been researching end time prophecy and many the teachings and peoples who are focused on the subject are adamant about being ready, and … Continue reading It’s Still Grace!