Right now, the world is in the midst of a pandemic, sickness from COVID-19. It is a virus that seems to have begun spreading from China. It quickly spread around the world. Hundreds of thousands have contracted the disease. Over 47,000 people around the world have died so far. And we are not close to approaching the apex of this crisis.

With so many people dying, one can’t help but wonder if this is something biblical, like an end-time plague. I have been a believer in Christ, the scriptures, and all of God since I was very young. I have always been interested in bible prophecy and eschatology. But there are so many theories and opinions that it is confusing. I’m not an expert in languages and Greek or Hebrew culture. I certainly am not an expert in the other cultures of the world, especially the middle-east. So, I can’t be sure what the writers of the scriptures were thinking or had in mind when they wrote. I’d like to believe that they were inspired by the Holy Spirit, but I can’t be sure. They lived thousands of years ago. The world was a very different place.

Those theologians and experts who claim to know these things seem to be able to give us that insight we so desperately seek, but, there are so many differences of opinions that it causes doubt and confusion, for me, and many others.

I do feel though, that I should ramp up my efforts to try to understand end-time prophecies again. With so much death happening in the world right now it is hard not to be concerned that end-time events could be beginning, and, at the very least they are not very far off. I have always believed that it was closer than we all think.

Another effect that this pandemic is having on the world, at least the United States, is a very drastic slowing of our economy. I believe it could actually collapse. The news seems only to be reporting on our own economy. I have not heard anything about the world’s economy as a whole. Could only the U.S. be suffering this fate? I doubt it. More than likely the economy of the world is suffering.

If this goes on for much longer it could put the world in a very desperate situation, the kind of desperate situation that the bible describes, in which the antichrist is able to rise to power. It could all happen very suddenly.

Do I fear it? A little. I would say that death does not frighten me, but, it is an unknown. I know what the promises are and what my faith in Christ means. But it is still unnerving to face the possibility.

I just had my 57th birthday on March 1. I still feel like a child. Afraid. Unsure of myself. I feel a little lost. More than ever, faith in Jesus Christ and the salvation he offers is the single most important business in the lives of every human on the planet.