What I Was Taught In the “Christian” faith we are taught there is no such thing as reincarnation. I have never doubted it, but there is a lot about life I don’t understand. I don’t understand myself as a human. I don’t understand my purpose for being. I am not even sure if I am supposed … Continue reading Reincarnation?

Will Believing in Jesus Save My Life?

Christians seem to work so hard to live a certain kind of life, and it is very tiring. We have missed the rest that Jesus has promised us because try to do life in our own strength. Listen to how I came to begin knowing that rest. I hope this will bless you. Subscribe to … Continue reading Will Believing in Jesus Save My Life?

Sons Of God

I have been reading a very interesting author by the name, Zen Garcia. The two books I have are, “Sons of God” and “Skyfall: Angels of Destiny.” He believes that we were all pre-existing as angels before incarnation in this present life. He and others I’ve read make some strong arguments for the case. I don’t … Continue reading Sons Of God