This is one of my journal entries from 6 years ago, 2012. I still feel the same way today. I have provided a link to the article I referenced. Give it a read. Let me know what you think about it.

Growing In the Spirit – Jan 29, 2012

I just finished reading an article by C. Baxter Kruger, Bearing Our Scorn: Jesus And The Way Of The Trinitarian Love. It was a very eye-opening read, to say the least. One thing that I saw for the very first time is this: that when the scripture says that Jesus bore our wrath, scorn, or whatever, this is referring to the wrath and scorn that we the human race poured upon Jesus.

The Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit were there in Christ to meet humanity where we were, in darkness. It was us who were lashing out at Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:19). In Christ, God has borne OUR judgment of God. Yet he did not retaliate but met us at our darkest hour and embraced us as we truly are. He could have at any time called legions of Angels.

This tells me that I am safe. This tells me what kind of God He is. In Christ God has already accepted me at my worst. I am beginning more and more to accept God’s acceptance of me. He truly loves me and there is nothing I can do about it. He won’t ever stop. In Christ, He has now included me in His life.

Another thing I am learning is that “No one knows the Father except the Son” (Luke 10:22). Jesus is the one who knows the Father and the only way I can know Him is through the Son.

I will probably be thinking about the things I have learned from this article for the rest of the day.