Trump – A New Era

The inauguration is complete. Donald J. Trump is the President of The United States of America.  For me, this completes the whole campaign and election process that I am so tired of. I'm glad it's over. May President Trump be a wise leader, grounded in truth. Here are some images from ABC & NBC's coverage. [...]

Donald Trump Will Take Office Today

Today Donald Trump will be taking the oath of the presidency. It should be an exciting time for our country. However, there is still lots of hard feelings, tensions, resistance, and even protest. I will be 54 this year. I have never seen such strong reactions to the winner of an American Presidential election. My [...]

The God Of Israel Will Not Fail

I don't care how much pressure the world puts on Israel to stop this fight against Hamas. It doesn't matter who masses themselves against Israel. It doesn't matter what size army or military force will come against her; no matter how impossible Israel's situation looks; ISRAEL WILL NOT BE DESTROYED.  THE GOD OF ISRAEL WILL [...]