Happy New Year everyone! Christmas time has passed and I haven’t written here in a while. I have been pretty busy with school and struggling with pain. Same ole same ole where that’s concerned. My next semester I have some classes that scare me a little. They have nothing to do with cooking. I think it’s going to be quite challenging.

I just got back from Texas visiting family for Christmas. Since I ‘ve been home my pain has increased. I’m pretty sure it’s from the long car ride. It’ll probably get better soon.

Even though I have not written here in a while I am still growing in grace. I just don’t write if I don’t feel I have anything to say. And when I do, it just sounds like I’m repeating myself from past articles. I just don’t want to babble on and on saying nothing, like I’m doing now.

So I’ll end this post by saying, happy new year! I hope you all consider yourselves as blessed as I know I am.