I have been reading a very interesting author by the name, Zen Garcia. The two books I have are, “Sons of God” and “Skyfall: Angels of Destiny.” He believes that we were all pre-existing as angels before incarnation in this present life. He and others I’ve read make some strong arguments for the case. I don’t necessarily have a problem with this view. However, Zen seems to want to make the point that in this life we have to prove our loyalties to the Father and the Son. I don’t quite know if he means through our works and deeds, or, by faith in Jesus Christ alone, or a combination of both.

Of course with this belief that we used to be angels comes the premise that we were the fallen angels. Zen believes that 1/3 rebelled with Satan, and, 1/3 fought to expel him from the heavens, and the other 1/3 did nothing. The 1/3 that did nothing have been incarnating into the flesh, beginning with Adam and Eve. He goes deeper, much deeper. Deeper than I am going here. So I do recommend these two books by Zen Garcia.

Zen Garcia believes this life and universe to be a testing ground or sorts for us to prove our loyalty to God or to evil.

“This planet and this reality is where we will be tried and tested by the dual natured aspect of good and evil to know from experience the differences of each. In learning about good and evil we learn about our own personal natures as well as that of the Creator personified as light and goodness and the adversary embodied in Satan personified as darkness and evil. It’s here upon this planet under the temporary reign of e powers, principalities, and rulers of darkness not of this world that we will learn whether we want to serve a Master that is associated to either or” (Garcia).

Thinking outside of religious views and strictly holding to what Christ has done for humanity (being the doorway to eternal life), how one chooses to live life, being good, or being evil, aligns one with the gift of righteousness that Christ gives or, rejecting that gift to be aligned with evil, thus choosing Christ (whether one knows his name or not), or choosing Satan (whether one knows his name or not).

I see Christ as He sees himself, “the way, the truth, and the life.” He is the only way to the Father and eternal life. And anyone who aligns themselves with good, I see them as submitting to the Spirit of Christ, whether they know it or not.

I agree that there is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved. However, there is bound to be confusion about who is the true God because of the billions of souls that have incarnated here in this life. Not to mention that the enemy is determined to deceive, corrupt and destroy as many souls as he can. That being said I believe the salvation of Jesus Christ catches all those who align themselves with Love and goodness and light. They may not know the name, but the Name still saves.

I agree with Zen Garcia, that this life is a proving ground. Because of the duality of life and death here, good and evil, we get to experience both. We will commit evil acts and good ones. Evil will be done to us as well as good. How we deal with the duality here will affect us in some way.

Will we align ourselves with righteousness, accepting the salvation freely given to us through Jesus Christ and become one of the sons of God? Or will we choose to align with evil and forfeit our birthright? This is up to us as individuals.

God’s nature is love. As the sons of God (and daughters) you have chosen to accept the Lord’s gift of salvation and you now have a nature of love. Live your life according to the love that comes from His Spirit inside of you and you have no worries.

God’s gift is to everyone. Whether you believe we pre-existed or not, and no matter what you have done in the past, you can be made new by the realization that God loves you. He wants you as his son or daughter. And to make sure you would have that choice He came here, in the flesh and subjected Himself to the evils of this world. He suffered our brutality and hatred against him, yet he could have called his angels to rescue him at any time. He has proven his love for you. What will you do now?

Garcia, Zen. Skyfall: Angels of Destiny. Mustang: Tate Publishing, 2014.