My name is Tony Lovette Tate. When I was very young there was only one thing on my mind, music. From as far back as I can remember I have always loved music and dancing. One of my early inspirations was Sam and Dave. Two songs I knew that they sang way back then was “Soul Man” and “Hold On I’m Coming!” I remember my aunt, Doris, having a party back then. I was about 6 years old. When I heard Soul Man begin to play on the record player. I remember dancing right out of my little red tennis shoes.

I always wanted to play. I had guitar lesson as a young kid. I was in the junior high and high school bands. I made the All-State Jazz Ensemble in Texas my senior year. I loved music. I majored in in music my freshman and sophomore years in college. I didn’t finish. Then a few years later I ended up in the Navy. When I found out they had Navy musicians I auditioned and switch jobs. I played with Navy bands for nearly 20 years.

I retired from the Navy in 2007. I went to work for a transportation company in Jacksonville, Fl.. Six months later I went to the Food Lion Distribution center in Green Cove Springs, Fl. In 2010 I had back surgery. During the last 8 year of my Navy career, I had back problems. All I got from Navy medical was Motrin and sometimes light duty. They never even x-rayed I don’t think, certainly no MRI or other types of imaging.

By the time my civilian doctor x-rayed it and got MRI pictures I had lost two discs in my lower back. My doctors were surprised that I could actually walk upright. So I had to have the surgery. My back was starting to interfere with work.

Well, even though the surgery was a “success” I ended up losing my job. My recovery took longer than expected. However, I HAVE recovered. Sometimes I have rough days but I am functional.

Currently, I am in Culinary school at Trident Technical College. It’s fun, engaging, and I get to eat some fabulous foods and desserts. I will be graduating soon and am looking forward to getting to work.

My life has slowed down considerably since 2010. Now I do a lot of reading. It has allowed me to grow in the knowledge of my faith, and that has taken me in some surprising directions. I no longer follow a certain religion. I am in search of truth, all truth. To me, ultimately, Jesus Christ is the truth of all truths. So all truths should lead to him.

So when I come across something new and interesting that rings true to me I usually post something on my blog. Sometimes it is something that people have real problems with because it goes against what they’ve been taught. Most of the time it goes against what I was taught growing up.

I have come to a place in my life where I am trusting the Spirit of God to lead me into all truth. So if I come to something that is new or different from what I have previously learned I try not to be afraid to investigate. My faith is in the Holy Spirit to lead me to the truth where ever it may lead.

It has been very scary sometimes, but I believe it is necessary for Christ’s followers to follow the Spirit where ever he/she leads. It’s the only way to grow and mature beyond what you could in a typical religious “church” setting.

Well, I think this is enough. You get somewhat of an idea of what I’m about. Until next time.