by Mike Miller –

What About The Judgment of God – I have been listening to this series on a podcast on the Judgment of God for several weeks. I find that Mike Miller makes a lot of sense. And for the past several years now I have been being led by the Spirit to explore God. I have been led to read theologians that I had never heard of, and some of that reading scared me at first, and the Holy Spirit had to convince me that I could trust him/her to lead me to the truth. So I have now discovered the remarkable ministry of Mike Miller, The Father’s House, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Mike and his son Caleb explore and revisit many of the doctrines the “church” has handed down over the last several hundred years, including the Judgment of God. Some of these doctrines have been very damaging and crippling to the psyche of millions. Their ministry is restorative, not only for God’s people but, for God Himself. Not that God needs to be restored, but, our views, opinions, and what we actually know about God needs restoration.

What I have been finding is that we as “Christians” don’t know the Father at all. This video series on the judgment of God is a real eye opener. You should also check out their series on the Nature of God.