About The Author: Steve McVey
In order of importance, I’m a Christian, a husband, Dad, and Granddaddy, a Bible teacher and author. Check out my ministry web site @ and my personal blog at

I had never questioned the teaching of Hell throughout my years of Christianity. However, I have been studying a lot lately and researching many teachings that I have been taught throughout the years. I believe it is important to know as a Christian, why I believe what I believe. I also believe it is important to be open to the possibility as a Christian, that as you learn through your prayers and studies, you may have to change your mind about things you may have learned early on, or assumed. As you study and understand the scriptures you may find that what you believe does not line up. You’ll have to change your mind. This is called repentance; the renewing of the mind.

One of the teachings that trouble many people is the traditional teaching on hell. I would like to share with you a video by Steve McVey on this very teaching. It is from his Sunday Preaching Series on YouTube. If you give yourself a chance I think you will find that it makes sense, and, you may even find some comfort. This is The Troubling Tradition about Hell, taught by Steve McVey.