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That’s not my title, but the actual title of the latest video that I wanted to share. I have for a very long time believed that God has given us His feast days, the sun, stars, the moon and other planets as signs and huge clues as to what God is doing. I believe this video is a great example of that. I believe the feast of trumpets is the holiday that represents the gathering of the saints to God. It’s just a matter of which feast of trumpets the event will occur on.

This is a very good presentation on the timing of the rapture and other end time events. Scottie Clarke, the guy in the video, presents a good case. I can already here the responses like,  “no man knows the day or hour, not even Jesus.” Lots of people have made predictions and set dates and been wrong. I just think this is a good presentation that you should take a look at. Scottie is not setting dates but, as I do, believes that these events correlate with God’s feast days. Give him listen and judge for yourself.

Also, do your own research. You shouldn’t just take the word of others. You should be digging into these things yourself as a believer.