I have not fully understood God’s grace in my 20+ years of being a Christian. God has done more for me, and you, than either of us may realize. Here is a quote from one of my new favorite websites. It describes what happened to me when I became a Christian. I got the order wrong.

“The first need of a new Christian is to believe he has become a new creation, an actual alien in this world because he belongs and fits with the heavenly one more than he does with the earthly one. That’s a lot to believe, and it will likely take a while for him to grasp the magnitude of the change made to him. As he grows in faith, his behavior will begin to change in keeping with who he has become. If he tries to change his behavior before believing that he has been changed already, he will make a mess of things and grow tired of the attempt.”

– Ralph Harris

I would like you to now go to Ralph’s blog and read the rest of this article and, check out the LifeCourse Ministries Website. I believe you will be blessed like never before.

I personally have been struggling with certain sin for many years. Rediscovering God’s grace is starting to give me some real hope.