So what’s your story? Have you placed your faith in the son God? I invite you to tell your story in the comment box below. You may encourage someone. You may say something that may help someone else understand what God has done for us, and, all the world.

img_2130Here’s my story: As a very young man in my early 20’s I began to realize that my life needed to change. I was working in a restaurant as a cook at the time. A new lady was hired as the breakfast cook. She would be finishing up as I came in to begin preparation for the lunch rush. I would always hear her talking to others about Jesus. It always seemed like she had had coffee with Him that morning before coming to work. That always intrigued me. So much so that I developed a hunger to know him myself if that were possible.

I began to read the bible and quickly consumed the four gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These are written accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry. I was stunned and amazed at the things He was able to do. He healed the sick, made the deaf hear, made blind men see, raised the dead, and claimed to be the son God. I was believing every word I read. My heart was wide open and ready for this message because of one lady’s testimony.

As I continued to read I learned that he was here to save me, but, from what? And how would he save me? As I kept reading I began to desire to be saved because I began to understand that he was here to save me from my sin. No one had to convince me that I was a sinner. I knew. I still commit sin today. I’m not perfect. How was he going to save me?

I eventually learned that the horrible crucifixion death he suffered on the cross was on my behalf. It was for my sin. He was dead for three days, then he rose up from the dead. God became a man with the express purpose of paying the price for sin, which is death. (Rom 6:23) This was his plan. Through his death he saved me. All I had to do was believe it, repent, and live out of the life he has given me. Believing this truth changed me on the inside. The life he provides inside of me gives me a new desire to live right. I later learned from scripture that I had been born again. I learned that God’s Spirit now lived inside of me. That’s where the new desires were coming from. I was changed.

To finish the story, during that time I worked at the restaurant, my Mom invited me to a church service one Friday night. The church was having revival services that week. She may have been surprised when I agreed. She was probably more surprised when I brought two of my friends with me. They also worked at the restaurant and heard the stories the breakfast lady spoke. That night at church, when the time came for the altar call, all three of us went down to publically acknowledge our faith in Jesus as our savior and Lord.