Take Hold of Grace and Embrace Your Righteousness

I spent several years "addicted" to pornography and masturbation, drinking too much, eating too much, and many other indulgences. And I spent many years (those same years) praying for deliverance to seemingly deaf ears. I was so afraid that the Lord hated me because of my bad habits and that I would end up in... Continue Reading →


The Problem With Trying to Obey the Law? No Grace

What most western Christians fail to realize is that Jesus was a Rabbi, AND the Son of God, who came to keep the law because we could not. Therefore he was a teacher of the law. Jesus did not teach new testament theology. He was an old testament teacher, a teacher of the law. However,... Continue Reading →

True Repentance

To discover the truth in Jesus Christ, to come to know him as the Lord and Savior of the human race, to see him at the Father's right hand and to see ourselves accepted in him, embraced by God the Father almighty, included in the circle of life, is to have our thinking turned inside... Continue Reading →

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