I don’t feel that religion and ritual are helpful in this day and time. Am I wrong? From what I have experienced it causes mostly trouble. It is a way to control people; whether it is a congregation, your family, your spouse or whomever. When I was following church doctrine to the letter I had... Continue Reading →


Double Minded & Unstable

I can't believe how back and forth I still am. One day I am confident in my faith, strong, full of light. Then a day, or days, or weeks, maybe even months, I find my self in a foul mood, skeptical about everyone and everything, and sometimes generally hating life, and wishing mine was over.... Continue Reading →

Truth Begins With God

It is 2016. I have been a Christian in search of the truth for more years than I have been alive. Most of that time, however, I have been hearing about the end times. I was taught to expect the “rapture” at any moment. It seemed to be the only "truth" that anyone was focused... Continue Reading →

God Of The Universe

He is not an American. He is not a republican. He is not a democrat. He is not a Muslim or a Christian. He is not a Hindu or Buddhist. In fact, the only nation who can lay claim to him at all is the nation that He chose as a people for Himself. That... Continue Reading →

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