For the past 4 weeks I have been trying to take care of a newborn kitten which was born underneath my house. I assume he was left there by his mother. There were no other kittens found. And the mother has not been back.

At first I was told by a young lady, Tamara, that it was a girl. However, I thought it was a boy. That was confirmed by the vet when I took him. So, I named him Nick Fury. He had stopped eating as vigorously as he had been. Then he started having diarrhea which lasted nearly two weeks.

Now, at the end of week 4, Nick’s diarrhea has ended, but he is very lethargic. All he does is sleep. His eating is slowing and so is his water consumption.

I am very worried. We are back at Lakeside Animal Hospital again this morning. I don’t think he has urinated in the past 30 hours or more.

Now, I have just noticed that Nick has a couple of lumps near his genitals which could indicate a blockage. The doc is doing an ultrasound right now. Hopefully, it is something which can be resolved.

The doc has informed me that they would like to keep him for a few hours to see if they can do something to help. Planning to use a feeding tube and use warm compress to induce urination. That will cost me around $65. His two previous visits cost me around $140 total.

So why make this post on FaithLove&Grace? I have begun to understand that those urges to do good and the impetus to love and take care of the earth, the animals, and everything esle in the cosmos originate with the Lord himself. They don’t originate with us. It is the Spirit of Christ within us the moves us. It is the Lord who takes care of the creation and everything in it. And He prefers to do it with our participation.

I believe every good interest and desire we have originates with and aligns with the desires of the Lord. It is up to us whether we will participate. I believe that, of course the Lord knew this kitten would be abandoned. I believe he made sure it was delivered to my house. I have chosen to be a willing participant in this effort to help keep this kitten alive. This is the love and grace of God for His creation.