She Was a Mom To All

momYesterday we buried my mom. She would have been 72 on October 3. She passed away last weekend, Saturday, September 28. So it has been a very hard week.

My mom was a soft spoken lady but at the same time, she had a lot of strength. She was not the kind of person people could push around. She would not let anyone run over her.

When I faced problems in my life she was the one I always called. Now I don’t know who I will be able to call and just talk.

I thought that I might have a sense of relief after the funeral but this morning I  feel really down.  I guess it will be that way for a while. I knew she would have to go at some time. I guess you’re never really ready to lose your mom.

When I first heard that she had passed I felt an overwhelming loneliness; like I was literally alone in the world. She was my one constant in a world where relationships seem to be constantly changing and sometimes end. Now I really will have to turn my attention and heart toward the Lord.

She loved me unconditionally. That is something she learned from the Lord I guess. I will have to learn to lean more on him. He is my ultimate constant. He is always there and ready to help. Only in the last 3 years have I begun to learn how much the Lord really loves us. I hope to learn to love as much as my mom. I know I have a long way to go.

My mom was an awesome and great lady. She was the inspiration to many, especially me. I hope one day someone will think the same about me.