For the last 3 years or so I have been focused on the grace of God and His goodness and Love for me and all men and women. In the past, I have found that when spending so much time in prophecy one can become very fearful. Fearful of things like am I good enough? Will I make it through the great the great tribulation if the church isn’t raptured before it starts? Is my name written in the book of life? At one point I had become so fearful that I had suicidal thoughts in my head.

I had also been focused on the law of Moses and thee old testament, and had somehow began to think I needed to live by the law. However, Paul says that no man will be justified by the law.(Rom 3:20) The gospel teaches us to believe in the finished work of Jesus Christ.(Rom 3: 21-26) Once I got back to the message of Grace my heart began to ease, and I began to relax.

Back To UFO’s and Aliens in prophecy

So in the past couple of weeks I have returned to my focus on end time prophecy. A few years back I posted an article that talked about aliens and UFO’s, and I left some links that I thought people should at least check out for themselves. I will leave a few more links on this post that I think everyone should checkout.

I still think aliens and UFO’s is something that should be considered. As I said in the previous post I believe we are dealing with demonic activity. There is a great deception coming to the people of earth. I don’t know what it will be. But I do think it could have to do with aliens and UFO’s. I don’t know how it will play out. I just know that it will be hard for anyone to refute or deny.

Here is a scripture (one of many) that I will be relying on when it happens, no matter what:

“Then if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ’ or ‘There!’ do not believe it. For false Christ and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect (“believers”). See, I have told you beforehand.”[parenthesis added by me]

“Therefore if they say to you, ‘Look, He is in the desert!’ do not go out; or ‘Look, He is in the inner rooms!’ do not believe it. For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together.” (Matt 24:23-28)

And the very first thing Jesus tells his disciples when they ask, “Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age,” he answered and said, “Take heed that no one deceives you.” (Matt 24:3-4)

Here are a couple of great podcast episode from: Canary Cry Radio on this very subject, in an interview with Rob Skiba.  Also check out the interview with Stan Deyo. Listen to these recordings with an open mind. You may learn something.

CCR 042: Rob Skiba and the Archon Invasion

CCR 046: Stan Deyo Interview