Does Sin Separate You From God?

Were you taught like I was taught, that when you commit sin it separates you from God? Were you taught that you and God were separate because you are corrupt and God is holy? Well since those early days and teachings I have come to understand that sin doesn’t separate us from God and the human race has never been separated from God. Sin did cause a major problem for us. We were the ones who changed, not God. We were plunged into darkness, but not separated from God. Our understanding of who God is was skewed. We could no longer perceive his goodness. Check out this video by Joshua Tongol.


2 thoughts on “Does Sin Separate You From God?

  1. While it seems this guy went to a very good school, it also seems he’s missed the boat on a basic truth of Christian theology. All sinners are indeed separated from God and need to be reconciled back to Him. Every sinner needs to be born again, because we were once born into sin and now need to be reborn and united with the Spirit in regeneration. So his theology is somewhat off.


  2. I don’t think he is arguing that sinners don’t need to be born again. However, if all things consist in Christ as the scripture says(col 1:17), then it is not possible for anything or anyone to exist or live apart from God.

    I believe that we were the ones who changed. We became hostile to God in our minds because of sin(col 1:21). That is where the separation happened, in our minds.


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