I Am Willing

moving_truckI feel afraid. I am nervous and unsettled. I don’t know how many people will be able to come to help me pack up the moving truck. I need at least two besides myself. Shelly and Kirsten are coming down to help but Shelly has a bad back and Kirsten is only 12.

I have a hard time asking for help and have asked only 3 guys for help. I don’t have that much stuff. Hopefully, some folks from church will be able to come over to help load the truck as well.

I know that moving is the right thing. My children need me. I feel that the Lord also has given me the confirmation in this. I should have written it down when He gave it because it’s vague in my memory, but sure. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15:13) My kids are closer than friends. They are my family.

I am content with my life here in Florida. I don’t want to move. First, because I hate moving. Second, because I don’t like change. Third, I think I am still a little angry about my family being torn apart because my kids never should have had to face the dilemma of living without one parent and having to choose to go and live with another. They needed their mother and wanted to go. I don’t blame them.

My flesh says to me, “Why should you have to move to accommodate them. They all left you. Now they want you to move and uproot your life. That’s not fair.” However, my spirit, the Spirit of the Lord in me says to give whatever it takes to show them that you love them.

I am willing. God faced the same situation when Adam and Eve chose to live independently of Him. Their choice was one that devastated their lives and everyone who came after them. Our Father God gave up everything in order to make things right for us again. As a man, the son of God faced the same fears I feel, yet he moved forward with God’s plan, demonstrating God’s love for us. The result? He gained billions of sons and daughters born into the Kingdom of God.

I am willing. If we are to live as the Lord did then we are to be willing to set aside our lives when necessary. I love my kids. They need me there so, I will be there.


One thought on “I Am Willing

  1. Tony,

    You are so RIGHT!! you should have never been put in the position to have to choose to move to South Carolina because of the poor choices that I made in my life that effected you and our two precious gifts that we were Blessed with.

    I want to Thank our Heavenly Father (Jesus Christ) has blessed us in so many ways even through all of the Heart break that we both have dealt with. Gabe and Kat never left you, your kids would never “leave you” and was placed in a position they didn’t belong in and that is my fault.

    God continues to work in both of our lives and it shows daily. Tony, God has allowed you and I to remain good friends even through all of the heartache I caused you. You can say “it’s for the kids”, but God has also allowed you and Robert to be friends and I know that ONLY GOD could do something like that. My job allows me to see how divorce, hate, greed, PRIDE by both parents effect their childrens lives and we are so BLESSED not to be in that position.

    I am Sorry that you are having to give up your life in Florida for our children and I pray that God will BLESS you beyond measure for moving here (South Carolina) so that Gabe and Kat can have both of us near them and active in their lives.

    Tony, thank you for being a Godly Father and a God seeking, fearing Father to our children. Your faithfulness has keep our children in God’s word and seeking his face. I haven’t always been to the best role model for our children and God has dealt with me and is still working on me; and reminds me that those are “HIS” children, mine on loan for a period of time.

    Thank you once again Tony for being not only my friend, but one of my Best Friend’s and brother in Christ. I thank you for your guidance and I know that if I asked your opinion it would not be self seeking, but based on God’s word.

    Tony, I am so very blessed to have you as my children’s father. I will always have a love for you.

    God is good all the time; All the time, God is Good!!!!


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