Lately, I have been finding out so many things that concern the end time. We are very close. I don’t care if people think I’m loony or crazy or whatever. I am crazy for Jesus Christ. There are things coming to the earth that are going to blow people’s mind – and that includes Christians, some of whom I believe have their heads in the sand.

There are things we should be aware of, such as the understanding of the current UFO and alien phenomena. There are things going on in our government that have to do with spiritual darkness – and they absolutely know what they are doing and are dealing with. There is talk all over the internet about an impending disclosure from the governments of the world about the actual existence of aliens and extra-dimensional beings. I believe these things are true also but, I know they are demonic and have their roots in satanic darkness.

There is talk of our economy crashing completely. I don’t care if you think you are going to be raptured before the great tribulation begins. What will you do if one morning you wake up and find that the economy has crashed, you have no access your money, there is a run on the grocery store, and then there is no more food? There will be rioting, people trying to take what they need by force. Do you have food stored that can hold you for a few weeks? Do you have water in case of an unexpected disaster? There may even be a need to get out of the city because of violence. Honestly, you should before any rioting begins if you can. Do you have a place you can go? Yes yes, we should trust God and I believe wholeheartedly that He will provide everything we need. However, there is a certain amount of preparing that we can and should do. Why be caught off guard with such a massive disaster?

Are you sure about what you believe will happen when end-time events begin to move? You’d better be. Don’t take your  Pastor’s word on everything he teaches. You had better be reading the word of God for yourself.

This post is just to make mention of these things as I don’t know all there is to know about these issues.