screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-4-29-34-pmgot out of the hospital today. I had back surgery 3 days ago. When I came out of surgery and woke up I was in extreme pain. In fact, it was so much pain I thought to myself, “I’m never gonna walk again.” I was certain that something had gone wrong. I had never talked about post operative pain with the doctor. I knew I would be in pain. I just didn’t know how much pain. It was more pain than I had ever experienced. The nurses assured me that the pain was typical of the type of surgery I’d just had.

Also, with the type of surgery that I had they inject air into the incision to cause the organs to “stand up” so the doctors could see better what they are doing. So, that was a lot of the pain. So once the farting began I had a lot of pain relief.

I really didn’t think I would be coming from the hospital today. When I woke up this morning I was so stiff and in pain that I wanted to cry. Of course I still had not passed any gas. However, by 11 am the wind was blowing pretty good and I was up and walking pretty freely. I left the hospital, went to the apple store, then headed home.

Since I’ve been home I have not had any problems getting in and out of bed. I am walking around with no problem. I had 2 disc taken out. It was a lower lumbar fusion. My doctor did a pretty good job. His name is Doctor Ali Chahlavi and I am very thankful for the job he did. I also give thanks to the Lord God making sure everything went okay.