It is Christmas day, about 3:07 pm. We have eaten, given thanks, and now, just laying around. I think Gabe and Kat were very pleased with their gifts. They both got computers for school. Gabe got his for his birthday and therefore got no gift, from me at least, for Christmas. Kat got her computer today. She didn’t know.

It turns out that she was quite jealous of Gabe’s computer for the last couple of months, though, she would never admit it. How quickly the table turns though. When she got her computer this morning Gabe was the one who was shocked. Perhaps I should have gotten them the same computer. Gabe got a computer that uses windows operating system. Kat got and Apple.

Months before I bought Gabe’s computer I asked him many questions about which computer he preferred since he and his sister have been exposed to both. From what I gathered I got the impression that he would prefer a windows based computer, and, that’s what he got. The reasons he cited was that on a windows based computer many things are easier to do than on a Mac. I don’t know how he came to that conclusion. I just respected it. I personally find windows computers more difficult to use. I have used both extensively.

Apple ComputerI didn’t give Kat a choice. I bought her the computer that I prefer. She has never seemed to have a problem with using my computer. I thought she would be happy with it, and, I was right. Gabe was happy as long as he was the only one that had a computer. He may have even been happy if she had gotten the same computer. That wasn’t the case. His body language and attitude were that of jealousy – just like Kat when Gabe received his in October. He really didn’t know he was getting a computer. He never figured out why I was asking him questions about computers. So, I didn’t get the impression that he wasn’t telling me the truth about which he preferred. Today I get a distinct impression that he may have preferred a Mac.

Well, I think next time I start asking questions about anything he will be more careful what kind of answers he gives me. There are some definite differences in the two computers. The one I am using now is Gabe’s window’s based computer. There is a bit of a challenge for me. I think they are much harder to use and a hell of a lot slower. It gets the job done though. I think Gabe likes the computer.  He is used to it.

I think Kat will be able to learn to use her’s okay. She is very excited about it. I went through with her most of the applications she will be using and she seemed to be catching on. I think there is more creativity and intuitiveness built into the Mac. Hopefully, the two of them won’t be bickering about the best computer. Hopefully, Gabe won’t be jealous. Hopefully, Kat won’t realize that he is and, rub it in.

Merry Christmas Everyone