Placeholder ImageHappy Father’s day to all of you dads out there! I am currently at work but will soon be off. My children are not here with me. They are with their mom in SC. I am sure they will be calling shortly after I get home. I know they have already gotten their shopping done because they called me from the store.

I will also be calling my dad to say Happy Father’s day. If you have a father still living you should call. No matter if you haven’t spoken in years because of your differences or disagreements. Today is a good day to be reconciled.

Today is also a day to be reconciled to the Father of all fathers, the God of Heaven. He has made it possible through his Son Yeshua (Jesus). If you have been avoiding God because you think He won’t accept you there is good news. Yeshua the messiah has died for your sin, and, He was raised from the dead. Because of this, you are able to come to the Father and become one of His sons. It is the ultimate Father’s day gift to you.

Make this day a day of reconciliation to your earthly father and your heavenly Father. Be blessed on this day to honor fathers everywhere.