Feelings, ​Circumstance, & Desire

I don’t know what I feel anymore. And I guess feelings aren’t everything. I have had beliefs and I’ve had my beliefs change when I learn something new, or realize that something I believed is not true. And sometimes feel like we as humans know nothing at all. I no longer feel excited about life.... Continue Reading →


Fathers And Their Influence

BAYTOWN, TX - Yesterday was father's day. I am in Baytown, Tx. to see my dad this year. Our family cooked up some barbecue and got together to celebrate. I think my dad had a good time. He was ready to go about an hour after dinner though. Sometimes I think we forget that he... Continue Reading →

Christmas 2007

I had to work this morning. I wasn't very happy about it as  I spent the morning driving people back and forth to the airport. As I did I guess I just really wanted to be able to spend a lot more time with my friends and or family. I have to work again at... Continue Reading →

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