Take Hold of Grace and Embrace Your Righteousness

I spent several years "addicted" to pornography and masturbation, drinking too much, eating too much, and many other indulgences. And I spent many years (those same years) praying for deliverance to seemingly deaf ears. I was so afraid that the Lord hated me because of my bad habits and that I would end up in... Continue Reading →


Knowing that God is Love

People really want to hear that God is love. They want to hear about how God loves THEM. Why? Because I think the majority of the people in the world really do want to live right; they really do try. But when you're in a religious system that constantly pushes you to follow strict rules and laws,... Continue Reading →

God Is Love

This podcast is a short testimony of God's love for me and how it has begun to change my life. I have been growing in grace steadily since about 2010. Subscribe to Podcast Subscribe on iTunes myYouTube Channel On Podomatic

Does God Get What God Wants?

I read Rob Bell’s book, Love Wins, a few months ago. Then I read it again about a month later. And now I’m reading parts of it again. I think the main question Rob raises in this book for me is, “Will all people be saved, or will God not get what God wants?” Paul... Continue Reading →

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