Sometimes things just don’t work out it seems. I put a lot of time and money into getting my bike up and running again. I even put on a new exhaust system to give it a little rumble when I’m going down the road. Everything was going great and then, I lose the only key I have. And to top it off I failed to write down the right key code when I bought the bike new. I wrote down some number, but, it was not the key code. I’m so irritated right now.

I searched all over the bike for a key code. I checked the ignition housing, the gas cap, the helmet lock and found nothing. I thought I could call the dealer with the VIN number and nothing. I check to see if I left the spare key with a friend. No dice. So now the only way I can get a key made is either to transport the bike to a locksmith or have the locksmith come to me. It will end up costing me $225 if they come to me. It would be $90 dollars cheaper if I can get the bike to them.

It is like there is some force trying to keep me from enjoying my motorcycle. It is a source of enjoyment for me. I don’t have many this life. The only comfort is it will probably be raining most of this weekend. Sometimes life seems so unfair. The only thing I can do is be patient. They can’t get to me until Monday anyway.

Still, faith, love, and grace are rock solid. Years ago I would have gotten pissed off, gone to the store for beer, and spent the day drinking. Maybe, I’m growing a little. I’m irritated but I have no desire to self-medicate. Things work out always. Sometimes it just takes a while.