I am reading an incredible book called, “A More Christlike God.” For the longest time, I have suspected that since the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, the world has been slowly but surely being transformed by the power of God’s love into something new, the kingdom of God. I know it doesn’t look that way. However, I really am beginning to believe it more and more. This book by Bradley Jersak is the first I have ever read that illustrates this in a real and practical way.

Also, for the past several years now, I have come to the conclusion that God is completely non-violent. Jersak’s book also covers this. Maybe in several years, I may have been able to work it out, write down, and share with others that God is not the violent Zeus-like monster that the old testament seems to portray. There has to be another way to interpret what has been written about God.

Jesus claims to be the Son of God, and that he is a complete representation of who He is.

Philip said, “Lord, show us the Father, and we will be satisfied.” Jesus replied, “Have I been with you all this time, Philip, and yet you still don’t know who I am? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father! So why are you asking me to show him to you? (John 14:8-9)”

If Jesus’ statement is to be believed, then I think we have to rethink the interpretations of what is written about God in the old testament. As we all know, Jesus lived a life of love and complete humility and nonviolence. I believe, as written in the book of Hebrews, that Jesus is the most complete and accurate revelation of God. He is the revelation of the true nature of God.

Bradley discusses how God rules by the power of His love. He explains how love requires that God gives us the freedom to make our own choices. And that depending on those choices, certain consequences may occur, good or bad. If we sin, sin has its own wages to pay. It is not God who brings punishment, but our sins have consequences. And God’s love also allows those to happen as well.

God sent his only Son in order that we might have life, and abundantly so. The cross overcomes our bad decisions. It enables us to be able to repent and turn back to God.

Every time I have wondered why we live in such a crappy world the Spirit of God quietly says in my heart, “It is getting better.” I wondered if it could really be true because it looks so terrible right now. However, what if as a result of Christ’s sacrifice the world has actually been getting better and better? What if the world would be an even worse place had Christ not have come?

I believe our hope lies in participating in God’s love; agreeing to receive and spread it to those around us. Some won’t be receptive to God’s love, but I think most people respond to love. If we would stop being so judgmental toward those who don’t believe what we believe I think we as Christians would be more effective in this world; This world that is getting better and better.

I do not deny that things will one day come to a head and that the prophecies will one day be fulfilled. But I’ve got to say, I don’t know if it will play out the way it has been taught to us for the last 100 years or so. I think we should think about how those prophecies will play out if God is completely non-violent. What are the implications? What’s really going to happen?

Check out this book, A More Christlike God by Bradley Jersak. I think it will open your eyes to the true nature of God. At the very least it will give you something to think about.