How is it that we experience the “life of Christ?” It took me a very long time to realize how it actually works. I know I know, I’m supposed to just have faith, right? Well, I find it’s easier to have faith when you have more understanding.

For years I was trying to live in a way that I thought would exhibit the characteristics of Christian life. It worked for a while… No, now that I think back on it, it didn’t work at all. I was constantly doing the very things in life that I didn’t want to do. And many times it is the same today.

Have I figured out how to live the perfect “Christian life” now? No, I have not. I still struggle. What I have realized, however, is that the life of Christ already operates in me without me having to “work” at it.

This life of Christ is what keeps the universe from collapsing in on itself. It is what makes things “go” so to speak. His life is what causes us to wake up in the morning. The life of Christ is what causes us to love our families. And if you give in to the life just a little more, you will find that it will cause you to love people outside your family as well.

“Trying” to live the Christian life is like “trying” to breathe. You don’t have to try to breathe. It is something that happens naturally. Now, of course, I’m talking about a healthy person. I realize that people sometimes have health issues. My point is that the life of Christ in us is a fact, something that just is, and happens without effort on our part.

We simply need to believe that it is true. Give up “trying” to live right and you’ll find that it will happen naturally because the life of Christ in you is true. So take a deep breath and relax. Jesus is alive and He literally lives in you. Just be sensitive of the impetus that you know deep down is from the life of Christ. Here is a clue though; God is love.

There are outside influences you’ll have to avoid, evil influences even. If you are not acting out of a heart of love you’ll know you have been affected by one of these outside influences, and acting out of the flesh. God is love, therefore the life in you will be one of love.